Explain Center of Mass

A point where whole of the body’s mass can be assumed to be located or concentrated is called center of mass. . The point can be real or imaginary, for example, in the case of a hollow or. empty box the mass is physically not located at the center of mass. point. This mass is supposed to be located at the center of mass in order to simplify calculations The motion of the center of mass characterizes the motion of the entire object. The center of mass may or may not be the same to the geometric center if a rigid body is considered. It is considered as a reference point for many other calculations of mechanics. The. center of mass of a rigid body is a point whose position is fixed with respect to the body as a whole. The point may or may not lie in the body. The position of the center of mass of a rigid body depends on: Shape of the body Distribution of mass in the body. . After developing kinematics of rotational motion, the rotational motion dynamics we are developed. In this the parallel concepts are applied to linear dynamics which contains some unique concepts and equations. The main important concept in rotational dynamics is a torque. It also involves the study of work, power, and kinetic energy like in linear motion, moment of inertia, centre of mass and equations for a description of the combination of linear and angular motion Here we are discussing about the centre of mass. The terms centre of mass or gravity. are used in a constant field of gravity which shows a specific point in the system. It is used to describe a response of the system towards the external force and torque. If we see in on dimension plane then it is similar to seesaw at a pivot point. It contains the total mass of the body at one point. Let’s discuss more about the centre of mass and the process of finding it. This clock. uses the principles of center of mass to keep balance on a finger. . . . . . . . . .

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