Explain circumstances leading to acid rain. How does acid rain affect us?

The harmful gases, like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, react with the water vapour present in the atmosphere to form sulphuric acid and nitric acid. These acids then drop with rain, making the rain acidic.This is called acid rain.

Causes of acid rain

The causes of acid rain are Sulphur and Nitrogen particles which get mixed with the wet components of rain. Sulphur and Nitrogen particles which get mixed with water are found in two ways either man-made i.e. as the emissions are given out from industries or by natural causes like how a lightning strike in the atmosphere releases nitrogen ions and sulphur is released from volcanic eruptions.

The harmful effects of acid rain

  • Acid rain causes skin irritation.
  • Inhibits germination of plants.
  • Causes corrosion to bridges and buildings.
  • It changes the fertility of the soil.
  • Destroy plants and aquatic life.

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