Explain classical thermodynamics with example.

Thermodynamics the word says everything. The dynamics which deals with temperature. The heat, temperature, energy, enthalpy are all the terms involved in thermodynamics.

Zeroth law

Temperature is simply a more subtle property than pressure. It is origin is the so-called zeroth law of thermodynamics. The Zeroth law is based on experiments (as are all physical laws) as well as is concerned with properties of systems in thermal equilibrium, that is, the system is equilibrium connected by a diathermal wall The law states:

If two systems are separately in thermal equilibrium with a third system, they are in equilibrium with each other.

Let systems A, B as well as C each consist of a mass of fluid in an insulated container. We shall use C as a reference. We choose to describe the state of each system in terms of the state variables P as well as V. We place A in contact with C through a diathermal wall Thermodynamics is simply a branch of Physics which deals with the heat energy as well as it is transferred during the various physical as well as chemical processes. The processes which are subject to thermodynamics consideration include not only the natural phenomena that occur about us every day however also controlled chemical reactions, the performance of engines as well as even hypothetical processes such as chemical reactions that don’t occur however can be imagined.

Thermodynamics is exceedingly general in it is applicability, as well as this, makes it a powerful tool for solving many kinds of important problem. The thermodynamics methods don’t make any assumptions as to the atoms as well as molecules. The only quantities, as well as concepts which enter thermodynamics, are the experimental properties of matter such as pressure, volume, temperature as well as composition. Such properties are the properties of matter in bulk rather than of individual isolated molecules.

Thermodynamics provides a convenient as well as a powerful method of relating, systematizing as well as discussing such properties. Thermodynamics provides the most general as well as efficient methods for studying as well as understanding complex physical as well as chemical phenomena. Thermodynamics is the science of heat as well as temperature and, in particular, of the laws governing the conversion of heat into mechanical, electrical or other macroscopic forms of energy. An important characteristic of thermodynamics is that it permits the derivation of the relationship between different laws of nature, even though the laws themselves are not a consequence of thermodynamics. Classical thermodynamics is based on the four laws of thermodynamics. In thermodynamics, we are concerned with the behaviour of vase quantities of particles in the substances that we study. The laws of thermodynamics are the laws of the generalized behaviour of the particles.

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