Explain density with the help of an example.

Have you ever thought that if an object takes some space then what this physical property is. This is named as density which shows the denseness of material in a specific given area. This is taken as mass per unit volume of given object. Itƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s a unique physical property for a particular object. In a qualitative term, it shows how much heavy an object is at constant volume.

We can take a simple example of a leakage oil tank in the ocean then oil drops starts to float on the water due to their less density the water. This is useful for separation of oil from water. Generally the density of water is taken as standard value for calculating the density of substances. If a substance is less dense then it will float on water while it will sink in case of high dense than water. Letƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s discuss how it can be measured by its formula, relative density, and about the instrument for measuring density of the liquid.

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