Explain different equations of motion

1) v = u + at
2) S = ut + 1/2 at2
3) v2 = u2 + 2as.

Various representations are used to represent the motion of any object like pictorial representation, graphs, and verbal representation etc. The branch of mechanics which deals with the motion of an object is called kinematics. It describes the concept of motion with a graphical representation of its basic term like displacement, velocity, speed, acceleration etc. and motion equation which gives the relation between these basic terms. It is mainly given the description of relative positions and changes in the position of an object with respect to time.
Here we discuss three kinematic equations. These are used to detect the unknown value or variable with the use of known information or variables. These equations describe motion either at a constant velocity or at constant acceleration. The time period in which the acceleration is changed is not used in these equations. Now we discuss all four kinematic equations and their uses with doing some problem on this topic.

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