Explain elastic waves using conservation of momentum.

The concept of collision is described by the use of conservation of momentum and momentum. The conservation of momentum is based on the conservation of energy and kinetic energy concept. The collision takes place between two or more objects. When objects collide with each other than each object feels small amount of force for a small period of time. This force alters the momentum of the colliding objects.

But in case of isolated system of particles, the momentum is in conservative state. So the momentum of individual particle is changed but total momentum of system remains constant. The detection procedure of collision is only depending on the type of collision. There are two types of collision that can be is elastic or inelastic. Both are different in their properties like the Kinetic energy conservation is done in case of elastic collisions while it is converted into other forms of energy in case of inelastic collision but there is conservation of momentum in both the cases. Here we are discussing all about the elastic collision in one and two dimension, its mathematical formula and their comparison.

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