Explain four functions of the operating system.

An operating system is a program on which application programs are executed and acts as a communication bridge (interface) between the user and the computer hardware. The operating system also includes programs to manage traffic controller, a scheduler, memory management module, I/O programs, and a file system.

The important functions of the operating system are:

  • Security: The operating system protects data by using passwords. It protects user data and similar other techniques. it also prevents unauthorized access to programs and user data.
  • Control over system performance: Records the response time between service requests and system response to have a complete view of the system health. Mainly monitor the system health performance.
  • Job accounting: The time and resources which has been used by the users will be tracked by the operating system. So individual data can be collected by using this tracking.
  • Error detecting aids: Continuous monitoring will be done by the operating system to detect errors and avoid the malfunctioning of computer system.

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