Explain how sound waves travel.

Consider an excited tuning fork or a plucked guitar string, produces sound. On close observation, the prongs of the tuning fork or the string is found to have a hazy and blurred outline on account of rapid vibrations. If they’re gently touched with the fingers, a series of impulses will be felt. These sensations are nothing but the Sound waves The source of a sound wave is vibrating object. Thus, the Sound waves are the traveling waves in which oscillation of pressure is transmitted from one point to another in different mediums We know that waves are the produced disturbance which are formed by vibration and travel through a medium. There’s different types of waves like transverse, longitudinal waves, etc. even whatever we hear that sound also comes in the form of a wave.

So, we can say that sound comes towards us in the form of a wave. The sound waves. are mechanical waves which are created from vibrations between the particles of the medium. When it’s moved through the medium of air then the air particles are displaced by the moving energy of sound waves and wave is travelled. But it can also be a longitudinal wave like in vibrating tuning fork which creates waves from vibrations. But what type of wave is sound? How it’s travelled from one medium to another medium? Is it mechanical wave or longitudinal wave or pressure wave? Here we’re given a complete explanation of these questions. Let’s discuss a detailed description on the sound waves .

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