Explain how the activities of pressure groups are useful in the functioning of a democratic government.

  • In a democracy, as long as everyone gets this opportunity, putting pressure on the rulers is not an unhealthy activity.
  • In a society, no single group can achieve dominance when many different groups are functioning proactively. 
  • Due to pressure groups, the government gets to hear about the needs and wants of different sections of the society.
  • This leads to accommodation of conflicting interests thereby leading to rough balance of power. 
  • Democracy has deepened due to the role played by Pressure groups and movements.
  • Trying to influence the Government policies is one of the aims of Pressure groups. 
  • Pressure groups do not aim to directly share or control political power like political parties.
  • With the aim of achieving a common objective, organisations like pressure groups are formed when people with common opinions, aspirations, interests, occupation come together.
  • From a small group of powerful and rich people, Governments can come under tremendous pressure.
  • Public movements and interest groups remind the Government about the concerns and needs of the ordinary people, thereby countering the undue pressure and influence exerted on Governments by few powerful and rich people.
  • Sectional interest groups also have a commendable role to play in this.
  • If one group brings pressure on the government to make policies in its favour, another will bring counter pressure not to make policies in the way the first group desires.

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