Explain how water becomes a renewable resource.

Water is a renewable resource because it gets replenished due to the hydrological cycle.

  • Hydrological cycle is the movement of water above, in and on the earth.
  • The hydrological cycle describes the movement of water from the ocean to land and land to ocean. 
  • It also refers to the continuous exchange of water between the organisms, subsurface, land surface, atmosphere, and oceans.
  • Within the hydrosphere of the earth, the water circulates in different forms i.e. gaseous, the liquid, and solid phases.
  • All life on earth depends on the water cycle and it has been working for billions of years.
  • For the existence of life on earth, water is the most important element on earth, next to air.
  • As water can be used and reused it is known as a cyclic resource.
  • There is uneven distribution of water on earth.
  • Some locations have very limited quantities of water whereas other locations have plenty of water.
  • After evaporation of water from oceans and other places, around 59% of the water falls on land land.
  • Oceans hold 71% of the water. The remaining water is held in streams, atmosphere, lakes, groundwater, glaciers, icecaps, soil moisture.

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