Explain ill effects of the green revolution?


By incorporating modern instruments and techniques, the Green Revolution is described as the process of growing agricultural production. The Green Revolution is related to agricultural production. Because of the introduction of modern tools and techniques such as the use of high-yielding variety seeds, tractors, irrigation facilities, pesticides and fertilizers, it is the time when the country’s agriculture was transformed into an industrial system.

Negative effects of the Green Revolution

Some negative effects of the Green Revolution are listed below

  • Agricultural growth delays due to insufficient coverage of irrigation, shrinking farm size, inadequate development of new technologies, inadequate use of technology, decreasing outlay of the programme, unbalanced use of inputs, and deficiencies in the system of credit distribution.
  • Regional dispersal of the evolution created regional inequalities.
  • The benefits of the green revolution remained concentrated in the areas where the new technology was used.
  • Interpersonal inequalities between large and small scale farmers.
  • The new technologies introduced during the revolution called for substantial investments which were beyond the means of a majority of small farmers.

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