Explain Oscillations And Waves

The phenomenon of vibration or periodic motion of physical systems is common to our daily lives. Almost every object, large or small, possesses the capability to vibrate freely in a variety of ways. The human body with it is heart beats, ear-drums, larynx, etc. is an embodiment of vibrating phenomena. Oscillating electric as we will as magnetic fields as we will as currents as we will as voltages behave like oscillating mechanical systems. A car bouncing on it is suspension, oscillating metal structures such as bridges as we will as aircraft wings, oil platforms oscillating on rough seas, atoms oscillating in molecules as we will as in soilds are examples of different types of oscillatory motion. Any oscillatory motion that repeats itself over fixed intervals of time can be expressed in terms of the sine as we will as cosine trigonometric functions. A periodic oscillatory motion expressed in terms of these functions is called harmonic as we will as hence the phrase harmonic motion. . . . . . . . . .

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