Explain the ethnic composition of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka has a multi culture population.

  • The bulk of the population of the Sinhalese group of around 74 percent
  • Tamils around 18 percent, who are mainly concentrated in the north and east of the island, making the largest ethnic minority.
  • Muslims are representative of other communities.
  • Two sub-groups exist among Tamils. Among Tamils, two sub-groups exist.
  • The Tamil natives of the country are called Sri Lankan Tamils of around 13 percent.
  • The Indian Origin Tamils are the Tamils who were brought from India by British colonists to serve on estate plantations as indentured workers of around 5 percent.
  • Buddhists are predominantly Sinhala-speaking people, while the majority of Tamils are Hindus or Muslims.
  • Around 7% of Christians are both Tamil & Sinhalese.

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