Explain The Meaning Of Malleable And Ductile.

Some of the more important properties peculiar to solids are malleability and ductility.

  • Ductility is the property of being drawn into wire. It is a permanent strain that accompanied fracture in a tension test. It is a desirable property in machine components that are subjected to unanticipated overloads or impact loads. The ductility of the metals decreases as the temperature increases because metals become weak at increasing temperature. All ductile materials are also malleable, however, the converse is not always true.
  • Malleability is defined as the ability of the material to deform to a greater extent before signs of cracks appear when it is subjected to a compressive force. The term malleability comes from the word hammer and in a narrow sense, means forged or extruded because these processes involve shaping under compressive force. In general malleability increases with an increase in temperature. Therefore, processes like forging or rolling are hot working processes where hot ingots or slabs are given shapes.

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