Explain the need for consumer consciousness by giving two examples.

If consumers want to make informed decisions and develop the ability to discriminate while purchasing services and goods, it is important that consumers become conscious and aware of their rights.

  • To become a conscious consumer, they need to become a well-informed consumer.
  • A well-informed consumer needs to have the necessary skills and acquire the required knowledge.

Consumer Consciousness – Buying Products with Logos

  • Consumers while purchasing different products in the market will come across products having a cover with a logo of ISI, Hallmark or Agmark.
  • Consumers while purchasing the services and goods will be assured of quality when they buy things having the above mentioned certifications and logos.
  • If certain quality standards are followed, producers will be allowed to use the certificates and logos given by the organizations that issue and monitor these certificates.
  • It is not compulsory for all the producers to follow standards, although these organisations develop quality standards for many products.
  • However producers of products which are used for mass consumption or which can affect the safety and health of the consumers, then it is mandatory for the producers to get certified by these organisations. Examples of such products are packaged drinking water, cement, food additives, food colors, LPG cylinders.

Government Advertisements – Enactment of COPRA

  • Consumers would have noticed Government TV advertisements to create awareness among consumers.
  • Consumers would have come across Government advertisement posters which spread awareness and information about the legal process available for consumers to protect their rights.
  • Separate departments of Consumer Affairs were established in state and central governments after enacting the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA). Under COPRA there is a 3-tier quasi judicial machinery at the central level, state level and district level to protect the rights of consumers.

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