Explain the phenomenon behind free fall

A free fall is simply a downward motion without any initial force or velocity. Our earth has the inherent property of attracting items towards it. Hence a free fall is simply a natural phenomenon on earth for any object at any. height without any support. . Do you think about a free fall apple from a tree or falling of the ball when we throw it upside. The basis of a free falling. object is given by Sir Isaac Newton. A free falling object falls under the influence of gravity. Therefore a body which is under the effect of gravity is its state of free fall. It doesn’t need any kind of force as well as it doesn’t affect by air resistance. The effect of gravitational force is under the gravitational acceleration that acts on the free falling object. Its value is 9 8 m/s/s in the downward direction This concept of attracting gravitational force of the earth is established for all objects in the air. It’s not required to apply this concept of falling downward object, it can be applied for rising upward under the gravity influence of 9 8 m/s/s. Let’s discuss on this concept of free fall objects, its speed as well as velocity, as well as motion equations for free fall objects .

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