Explain the principle of scalar chain.


The scalar chain was developed by Henri Fayol. In modern management theory, the ’14 Principles of Management’ developed by Henri Fayol have been a significant influence.

  1. Scalar chain is the chain of all supervisors from the top management to the person working in the lowest rank.
  2. Scale chain identifies the path along which communication has to flow in order for the communication to be effective in an organisation.
  3. Effective communication is most important in an organisation to achieve any its objectives.
  4. As per the principle of scalar chain, the flow of any information has to follow a pre-defined path, that is to avoid any kind of ambiguity, information has to flow from supervisor to the one in lowest position.
  5. This pattern must be followed in any department of an organisation, if the communication has to be effective.

The advantages of Scalar Chain are given below:

  1. Whenever there is a problem, every employee knows whom to approach to sort out the problem.
  2. Top management will be able to communicate the required message to the entire organisation.
  3. Supervisors at each level will become responsible and execute the orders of the top management.
  4. Chaos in the organisation will be avoided.

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