Explain the relation between Liter, dm^3 and mL

Litres and dm3 are numerically identical, as are ml and cm3.


Both m3 and litres are units of volume. There are 1000 L in a cubic metre which is a very high volume.

\(1 dm^{3}= (1 X 10^{-1} m)^{3}\)

d≡deci that is 10-1

\(1 dm^{3}= (1 X 10^{-1} m)^{3}= 10^{-3} m^{3}= 1 L\) \(1 cm^{3}= (1 X 10^{-2} m)^{3}\) \(1 cm^{3}= 10^{-6} . m^{3}\) \(\frac{1}{1000} X \frac{1}{1000} m^{3}\)

But \(\frac{1}{1000} m^{3}\equiv 1 L\) \(\frac{1}{1000} L \equiv 1 mL\)

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