Explain the statement using one word: A cow is dependent on plants for its food.

A cow is dependent on plants for its food. The single word for this sentence is a cow is a heterotroph.  Those organisms which are dependent upon other organisms for food are known as heterotrophs.

What are heterotrophs?

A heterotroph is an organism that is unable to synthesize its own food, and therefore, has to rely on other sources, specifically plant and animal matter. All animals and non-photosynthetic plants are classified as heterotrophs since they are unable to prepare food.

  • The organisms completely depend on others for their nutrition. They depend on surrounding plants and animals for food.
  • They cannot make the food from available inorganic substances like carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.
  • Holozoic, parasitic, symbiotic association, and saprophytic are the four types of heterotrophic nutrition.
  • Animals and some plants are an example of heterotrophic nutrition

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