Explain The Structure Of Sulphur Dioxide


Structure of Sulphur Dioxide

Structure of Sulphur Dioxide

  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a bent or V-shape molecule with its bond order of 1.5.
  • It has S−O−S bond angle 119 and bond dissociation enthalpy is 297kJ/mol.
  • In SO2, each oxygen atom is bonded to sulphur by aρ and aπ bond
  • The ρ bonds between S and O are formed by sp2-p overlapping.
  • Sulfur in (SO2)is sp2 hybridised forming three hybrid orbitals.
  • Due to lone pair electrons, the bond angle is reduced from 120 to 119.
  • One of π bonds is formed by pπ−pπ overlapping while another π bond is formed by pπ−pπ overlap.

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