Explain the term betatron

Betatron is a particle accelerator. It is cyclic in nature as well as is used to accelerate electrons. Betatron is named after the name of electrons, as they are another called beta particles. It was developed by Donald Kerst in 1940 at the University of Illinois First circular accelerator that was discovered was cyclotron by Ernest Lawrence in 1940. However, this accelerator couldn’t be used for accelerating electrons because these particles acquire a very high speed up to the order of relativistic speed. The function of the particle accelerator is the main aim of the betatron.

Applications of betatron

Betatron works under a constant electric field as well as a variable magnetic field. Some of the Applications of Betatron are:

  • Provides high energy beam electrons of about 300 MeV.
  • It can be used as a source of X rays as well as gamma rays if an electron beam is made to direct on a metal plate.
  • The X rays produced with the help of betatron can be used in industrial as well as medical fields.
  • High energy electrons can be used in particle Physics.

Limitations of betatron

Betatron exhibits some limitations as follows:

  • The maximum energy range imparted by it to electrons is limited by the strength of the magnetic field because of the saturation of iron as well as by the size of the magnetic core practically Synchrotrons overcome these limitations of Betatron.
  • It works under a constant electric field and variable magnetic field.

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