Explain the term disproportionation reaction.

In a disproportionation reaction, the same element is simultaneously oxidized and reduced.


The reactions in which a single reactant is oxidized and reduced is known as Disproportionation reactions

The disproportionation reaction is given below

2HO → 2HO + O

is also a disproportionation reaction because O is reduced in forming HO and oxidized in forming O


Listed below are the examples of  disproportionation reaction

  • P4 + 3NaOH + 3H2O → 3NaH2PO2 + PH3
  • Cl2(g) + H2O (l)  →HCl (aq)+ HClO(aq)
  • 2CuBr ⟶ CuBr2+ Cu

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