Explain the term disproportionation reaction.

In a disproportionation reaction, the same element is simultaneously oxidized and reduced.


The reactions in which single reactant is oxidized and reduced is known as Disproporionation reactions

The disproportionation reaction is given below

2HO → 2HO + O

is also a disproportionation reaction because O is reduced in forming HO and oxidized in forming O


Listed below are the examples of  disproportionation reaction

  • P4 + 3NaOH + 3H2O → 3NaH2PO2 + PH3
  • Cl2(g) + H2O (l)  →HCl (aq)+ HClO(aq)
  • 2CuBr⟶CuBr2+Cu


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