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Equation is one of the most important calculations in algebra as well as the most essential concept of math. It deals mainly with algebraic expressions. There’s different types of equations: Linear, radical, rational, exponential as well as quadratic equations. Learn about all these concepts with our tutor, understand the depth of the topics as well as get a hold over the whole concept of equations. Below stated are the different types of algebra equations frequently asked by students as well as how our tutors help you make them easier. Equations are found everywhere in mathematics. Students of middle school are introduced by the equations in algebra. An algebraic equation is a combination of one or more terms separated with ‘equal’ symbol ‘=’. The terms are the expressions or monomials made up of constants as well as variables. The terms can be numerical, alpha numerical, expression etc. The terms are connected with one another with the help of addition (+) or subtraction (-) symbols

There are different types of equations, such as – linear equations in one as well as two variables, logarithmic equations, exponential equations, fractional equations, polynomial equations etc. Equations represent the relationship between variables. There may be one or more variables in an equation By solving equations, we mean to find all the possible values of one or more variables contained in it. Equations can be solved either algebraically or graphically. There’s various algebraic methods that can be utilized in order to get the solution of an equation. The choice of these methods may depend upon the types of equation. In order to find the values of all the variables in the equation, we need as many number of same types of equations as the total number of variables. For example – An equation 2 x + y = 1 needs one more equation of same type (such as x + y = 7), since it has two variables x as well as y. Equations are also used to solve word problems in many areas. Let us understand about equations in detail in this page below

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