Explain the term motion

The variable quantities in a uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion are time, speed, distance covered and acceleration. Simple relations exist between these quantities. These relations are expressed in terms of equations called equations of motion.
When we observe our surroundings, we can see many physical interactions taking place around us like a book falling, an ear drum vibrating, bus moving, nuclear reactions etc. Everything in the universe moves. It can either be a small amount of movement or swift, but movement does happen this change in position of an object is called
If an object is moving, we would be curious to know what are the things happening that make a body move, how long will a body move and many other queries pop in
To understand the importance of Motion we have a clear example mentioned below:
An object tends to continue in its motion at a constant velocity until and unless an outside force acts on it. The term velocity refers both to the speed and the direction in which an object is moving. It is easy to recognize an object in motion and an object at rest. One must apply an external force to disrupt the balance.
The following are the terms to be recognized before learning Motion:
Rest: When the body does not change its position with respect to the surroundings, the body is said to be at rest.
Motion and Rest are relative terms.
For example: The person sitting inside the moving train is at rest, whereas the person sitting next to him but who is at Motion with the person outside the moving train.
A book on the table is at rest with respect to the table and other objects in the room. But all these objects are sharing the motion of the earth
A car moving on a road is said to be in motion compared to the poles and trees on the roadside. But the people sitting inside the car are at rest compared to one another.

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