Explain the terms polymer and monomer.



A polymer is a large molecule or a macromolecule which essentially is a combination of many subunits. Around 103−107u is the molar mass of the polymer. Polymers may be naturally found in plants and animals known as natural polymers or maybe man-made known as synthetic polymers. Different polymers have a number of unique physical and chemical properties due to which they find usage in everyday life.

Examples: Rylon 6,6 and rubber


A monomer is defined as a simple molecule with two or more binding sites through which it forms covalent linkages with other monomer molecules to form the macromolecule. Monomers are thus building blocks of polymers. All simple molecules cannot behave as monomers but only those with two or more bonding sites can act as monomers.

Examples: Alkenes, vinyl chloride and adipic acid

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