Explain the transfer of charges in ebonite rod

Electric Charge is a fundamental property of matter and never found free. There are two kinds of electric charges namely positive and negative charges. If a body has an excess of electrons, it is said to be negatively charged and if it is deficient in electrons, it is said to be positively charged.

Transfer of charges

When we rub two neutral bodies, there will be some transfer of electrons from one body to the other due to structural modifications because of the frictional forces acting on them.

In this method, one of the bodies acquires a negative charge while the other gets a positive charge, both of which are equal in magnitude.

Ebonite Rod

Ebonite rod is a rod made by special vulcanized rubber.

  • In this rod as well the charges are transferred from one body to another.
  • When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur cloth, ebonite rod acquires a negative charge and fur cloth acquires a positive charge.
  • Electrons are transferred from fur cloth to ebonite rod.

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