Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar

The full form of SONAR is Sound Navigation and Ranging. The SONAR method is also called echo ranging. It is a device that utilises ultrasonic waves to estimate and measure the distance, direction and speed of objects underwater.

Principle of SONAR:

It uses echoes in to determine the sea-depth and locating the presence of objects underwater.

Working of SONAR:

  • It consists of a transmitter and a detector and is installed in a ship or a boat.
  • The transmitter in SONAR produces and transmits powerful ultrasonic waves.
  • The ultrasonic waves travel through the water and after striking the target the beam is reflected from the seabed and is received by an under-water detector (mounted on the ship).
  • The detector then converts the waves into electrical signals which are properly interpreted.
  • The time interval between transmission and reception of the signal is also noted.

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