Which is more elastic glass or steel?

Steel is more elastic than rubber. This is explained with the help of Young’s modulus.

Young’s modulus

Young’s modulus defines the relationship between stress (force per unit area) and strain (proportional deformation in an object. A solid object deforms when a particular load is applied to it. If the object is elastic, the body regains its original shape when the pressure is removed. Many materials are not linear and elastic beyond a small amount of deformation


If the same amount of force is applied to a steel wire and to a wire made of rubber of same length and cross-sectional area, the extension of rubber wire is easier than the extension of the steel wire. So, it can be said that for a given amount of stress, the strain produced in the steel is comparatively smaller than the strain produced in the rubber. Therefore, with the help of Young’s modulus, it can be concluded that steel has greater elasticity than rubber.


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