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Geometric transformation is a bijection of a system that has itself or another set of geometric shapes. When a shape is transformed, it changes its appearance. The form may be congruent afterwards, or close to its preimage.

Transformations may be rigid where preimage size and shape are not altered and non-rigid where the size is modified but the form remains the same.

Types of Transformations

There are four main types of transformation.


In this sort of transformation has a fixed point entity, without altering its size or shape.

  • Translation

This form of translation is described by maintaining its size, shape or orientation constant as moving the object in space.

  • Point of the shape in a translation must be shifted in the same direction and for the same distance.
  • When you are doing translation, the primary objective is called the preimage, and the object after the translation is called the image.


This method of translation extends the object or contracts it by preserving its orientation or shape the same often known as resizing.


This method of translation is called reflection since by keeping its shape or size constant, it flips the object across the line.

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