Fig 12.10 A and B, show a bulb connected to a cell in two different ways. (i) What will be the direction of the current through the bulb in both the cases (Q to P or P to Q)? (ii) Will the bulb glow in both the cases? (iii) Does the brightness of the glowing bulb depend on the direction of current through it?

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 12- image 13


(i) We know that direction of current flow is always from positive terminal of battery to negative terminal through the whole circuit. So,

  • The direction of current flow is from Q to P in the first case
  • On the next case it is from P to Q.

(ii) Yes the bulb will glow in both cases as there is flow of current through circuit in both the cases.

(iii) No, the brightness of a glowing bulb does not depend on direction of current flow. It just depends on amount of current and voltage through it.

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