Find the length and breadth of a rectangle given that its perimeter is 240 cm and the length is 4 times its breadth

Given that:

Perimeter of a rectangle is 240cm

Length is 4 times its breadth.

Let us asuume the breadth (b) to be X ————(i)

Then according to given condition

Length (l) = 4x ————–(ii)

We know that,

perimeter of a rectangle = 2( l + b)

Substituting the given values from equation (i) and (ii)
240 cm = 2( 4x + x)

240cm = 8x +2x

10x = 240

x = 24 cm

From equation (i) breadth= x = 24cm

Breadth = 84 cm

From equation (ii)
Length = 4x = 4x 24 = 96cm

Hence Length = 96cm and breadth= 24cm of the given rectangle whose perimeter is 240cm.

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