Find The Ratio Of The Following: (i) 30 Minutes To 15 Hours. (ii) 55 Paise To Rs.1.

(i) 30 Minutes To 1.5 Hours.

[latex] \frac{30\; minutes}{1.5\; hours} \\\Rightarrow \frac{30\; minutes}{90\;minutes}\\\Rightarrow 1:3. [/latex]

The ratio of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours is 1:3.

(ii) 55 Paise To Rs.1.

[latex] \frac{55paise}{1Rs}\\\Rightarrow \frac{55\; paise}{100\; paise}\\\Rightarrow 11:20 [/latex]

The ratio of 55 paise to Rs.1 is 11:20

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