Write five points on do not waste food


Food is a nutritious compound that we ingest to develop and perform everyday tasks. In order to survive, food is essential for living beings. It nourishes trillions of our body’s cells, allows them to operate smoothly, speeds up biological processes and assists in proper development.

Few points on food not to be wasted

  • The effect of food waste has enormous consequences.
  • In addition, the United Nations reports that even 1 square meal a day is barely affordable to one in nine individuals in the country. It means that more people die of malnutrition than of any other illness.
  • Latest reports placed this number at nearly nine million people.
  • Since there are countless other people who are on the verge of death due to starvation, wasting food is ethically reprehensible.
  • Both community and the environment are seriously affected by the impact of food waste. Before consumption, food has to be stored.
  • It means that the processing, shipping, storage and cooking of food is spent on energy and money. All this energy and effort goes to waste when food is wasted.
  • In addition, wasted food that ends up in landfills also generates significant amounts of methane. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas and thus contributes directly to global warming.
  • Many food items need large quantities of water, so wasted food turns into large quantities of wasted freshwater.
  • Thus it is equal to wasting 1,000 litres of water if you’re dumping a bottle of milk down a drain.
  • Throwing one kg of meat away is equal to throwing between 5,000 and 20,000 litres of water away.

Ways to avoid food waste

Five ways we can avoid food waste

  1. Shop for the small amounts of foodstuffs
  2. Don’t cook too much yourself,
  3. Manage to preserve food by keeping it in the fridge
  4. Attempt to make the leftover food with new foods
  5. Before cooking, take a look at your serving numbers.

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