For the complex ion [Fe (CN) 6]3- , state (1) The type of hybridisation. (2) The magnetic behaviour (3) The oxidation number of the central metal atom.


Consider a complex [Fe(CN)6]−3

CN is a powerful field ligand and uses inner 3d-orbitals to form a low spin complex. Because there are 6 ligands, it has octahedral geometry. So the hybridization of the complex is d2sp3.

The electronic configuration of central metal ion Fe is

Fe (26) = [Ar] 4s2 3d6

Fe3+ = [Ar] 3d5 4s0

The central metal has an oxidation number +3 calculated as:
x + 6 × (−1) = −3
(1) Hybridization – d2sp3
(2) Magnetic behaviour – Paramagnetic in nature
(3) The oxidation state of Fe = -3

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