For the myopic eye, how is the defect is cured?


In the myopic eye, the image is formed before the retina and concave lens diverges the rays, and hence the image is formed on the retina.


  • Myopia is also referred to as short-sightedness or near-sightedness.
  • What occurs is that light rays do not focus on the surface of the retina, but it focuses just in front of it. When perceived, this results in images being blurry.
  • In such a scenario, distant objects appear out of sight, but close objects are visible. It is the reason why close or short-sightedness is often called myopia.

How to correct Myopia?

A diverging lens can be used to fix the problem of near-sightedness. The image was blurry as the light rays were not diverging at the right point and creating a focused image. The rays get focused before it reaches the retina. The convergence of the light rays takes place due to the cornea producing an image on the retina.

How to correct Myopia?

Unlike when observing objects that are close by, the light rays in the diagrammatic representation above come from far away locations, making them nearly parallel to each other by the time they enter the cornea.

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