Four parrots are pulled on a frictionless surface using cord .The tension in two of the cords are T2=111N T4=222N and mass of of 3 parrots are given as ,M1=12 KG M3=15kg M4=20kg .Find the mass of 2 nd parrots.

Let m be the mass of the unknown parrot.
111N = (12kg + m)a (equ.1)
Following is the equation for the whole system pf parrots
222N = (12kg + m + 15kg + 20kg)a (equ.2)
Where, a is the acceleration of the four parrots system.
Dividing both the equations, we get
222/111 = (47 + m)/(12 + m)
m = 23kg
To determine the accleration of the system, substitute the value of m in first equation
a = (111N)/(35kg) = 3.2m/s2

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