Freon group of refrigerants are A) Inflammable B) Toxic C) Non-inflammable and toxic D) Nontoxic and non-inflammable

Answer: (d) Non-toxic and non-inflammable


Freon is the component of halocarbon product that is stable, moderately toxic liquids or gases that are non-flammable used in aerosol propellants and refrigerants. These also include the CFCs – Chlorofluorocarbons that cause ozone depletion and HCFC.

  • Freons are the chlorofluorocarbon compounds of methane and ethane. The chlorofluorocarbon compounds refer to the compounds having mainly carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. Freons is the brand name for this group of compounds coined by DuPont.
  • They are extremely stable, unreactive, non-toxic, non-corrosive and easily liquefiable gases.
  • Freon 12 or R-12 (CCl2F2) is one of the most common representatives of this group. It is manufactured from tetrachloromethane by Swarts reaction.
  • These are usually produced for aerosol propellants, refrigeration and air conditioning purposes.

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