Gather information about (1) Solar light , (2) Solar water heating system and (3) Solar cooker.


(1) Solar light

Solar light is a device which functions based on sunlight. Solar light absorbs solar energy during the daytime and converts the solar energy into electrical energy during night time in the absence of the sun.

Example – Street lights

Street lights are made up of a photovoltaic cell, and it converts solar energy into electrical energy.

(2) Solar water heater

It is a device used to convert solar energy into thermal energy. They use solar radiation as fuel. A solar panel is installed as it faces the sun and once the water reaches, it can be stored to use it later for some time.

(3) Solar cooker

The device used to cook by converting solar energy into thermal energy. To prepare food ina solar cooker, you require – thermometer, a box with aluminium foil, pan duct tape, cooking bag, and styrofoam insulation.

Disadvantages of these devices

The places where the days are too short or places with cloud cover around the year these devices will have limited applications.

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