Geometry of xenon oxyfluoride (XeOF4) is________

Xenon oxyfluoride (XeOF4) is the square pyramidal shape.


In the given compound (XeOF4)

  • Central atom:  Xe
  • Xe contributes: 8 electrons
  • O contributes: 2 electrons
  • 4 x F contribute: 4 electrons
  • Total Valence Shell Electrons: 14
  • Total Valence Shell Electrons pairs: 7
  • 1 x double bond − 1 pair
  • Total: 6

Hence the central Xe atom has 1 lone pair of electrons and 5 bonding domains.  It supports sp3d2hybridisation. The electron pair geometry is octahedral and the molecular geometry is square pyramidal.


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