Give a breif note on the democracy in modern India



Democracy is a political structure in which people directly exercise power, or elect members from among themselves to represent the people, such as a parliament. It is also called the majority rule and here can’t inherit the power. People are choosing their representatives. Representatives participate in an election and the voters elect their member.

Working principles of Democracy

  • One of the ideas of democracy is that it must be equal for all people in society.
  • Equality has to be included in the individual vote for it to operate.
  • Denying communities the right to vote runs according to the role of democracy, a system of government in which the vote of every citizen has equal weight.

Indian Democracy

  • India is the largest and most powerful democracy in the world.
  • In the year 1947, India became a democratic country after its independence. Consequently, Indian people were granted the right to vote and elect their representatives.
  • In India, it provides the right to vote to its people regardless of their caste, colour, race, religion & gender.

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