Give a breif note on the first war of Indian Iindependence


The 1857 Indian Rebellion, also known as the First War of Indian Independence, began at Meerut on 10 May 1857. It was the first significant and massive rebellion against the rule of the East India Company, even though it was not the first rebellion against the Company. Although it eventually failed, it had a profound effect on the Indian people and changed the nature of British rule over the subcontinent as well.

Causes of Failure of Revolt of 1857

  • The revolt was ultimately unsuccessful because of several factors in ousting the British from the land.
  • There was missing of one specific leader from the sepoys, but there were several.
  • Even they didn’t have a clear plan to route the foreigners.
  • After the British were defeated, the Indian rulers who aided the revolt did not envisage any strategy for the region.
  • The entire nation was not involved either.
  • The revolt influenced only Northern India.
  • The Bengal, Bombay and Madras presidencies remained mostly unchanged.
  • The Sikh soldiers did not engage in the uprising, either.
  • Following the suppression of the revolt, the rule of the East India Company was terminated and control of the British possessions in the subcontinent went directly to the British Crown through the 1858 Government of India Act.
  • The Government has made several changes to India’s economy, military & organizational strategies.

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