Give a breif note on the human skeletal system


The skeletal structure acts as a simple body frame, and the whole body is constructed around Skeleton’s strong framework. It is the collection of all the cartilage and joints connected bones and tissues. Nearly all the body’s rigid or solid parts are the primary features of the skeletal system.

Anatomy of the skeletal System

The skeletal system can be categorised into the appendicular and axial systems. It is composed primarily of 206 individual bones in an adult body which are divided into two major divisions axial Skeleton and appendicular Skeleton.

Axial Skeleton

The axial Skeleton runs along the central axis of the body and is thus called the human body’s central core.

  • The axial Skeleton consists of 80 bones and is composed of Skull Bone (includes eight cranial bones, fourteen facial bones, six auditory ossicles, and the Hyoid Bone)
  • The bone of the Vertebral column (has twenty-four vertebrae bones, the sacrum bone, & the coccyx bone)
  • The bone of the thoracic Cage (includes twenty-five bones of the thorax a breastbone and twenty-four ribs).

Appendicular Skeleton

It is composed of one twenty-six bones and it comprises of the

  • Lower limbs
  • Upper limbs
  • Pelvic girdle
  • The pectoral or shoulder girdle.

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