Give a brief note on education system in India during British Rule


Under British rule, modern education began in India. India had its education systems like Gurukulas and the Madrassas before the British. During their first 60 years of rule in India, the East India Company did not care much about the education.

Improvement of Modern Education

  • The British India company wanted some trained Indians who could help them manage the land. They also wish to study the customs and laws of the community well.
  • In 1781 Warren Hastings founded the Calcutta Madrassa for the teaching of Muslim law for this purpose.
  • In 1791, Jonathan Duncan began a Sanskrit College for the study of Hindu philosophy & laws in Varanasi.
  • William Carey, the Baptist missionary, had come to India in 1793 and by 1800 there was even a Baptist mission in Serampore, Bengal, as well as several primary schools and in surrounding communities.
  • The Charter Act of 1813 was the very first step towards the education being made a goal of the government.
  • The medium of communication also had another challenge; some preferred Indian languages are known as vernaculars to be used, whereas others chose English.
  • The Elphinstone College of Bombay and the Medical College of Calcutta were founded in 1835.
  • Sir Charles Wood was the President of the company’s Board of Control in 1854 when he sent a dispatch to Lord Dalhousie, then Governor-General of India. It is named as the Magna Carta of English education in India.
  • The company undoubtedly expanded western education among Indians; however, the literacy rate during British rule was abysmally poor.

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