Give an example of a chemical element which forms a diatomic molecule.

Nitrogen has a unique ability to form pi- pi multiple bonds with itself.

Diatomic elements

Give an example of a chemical element that forms a diatomic molecule. Diatomic molecules consist of two atoms bonded together. In contrast, monatomic elements consist of single atoms (e.g. Ar, He). The bond in a homonuclear diatomic molecule is non-polar. If a diatomic molecule consists of two different atoms, such as carbon monoxide (CO) or nitric oxide (NO), the molecule is said to be heteronuclear.

  • The elements found as diatomic molecules are hydrogen (H, element 1), nitrogen (N, element 7), oxygen (O, element 8), fluorine (F, element 9), chlorine (Cl, element 17), bromine (Br, element 35), and iodine (I, element 53).


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