Give an example of a compound, element, and a mixture.

Sugar is a compound. Aluminium is an element. Sugar syrup is a mixture of sugar and water. Steel is an alloy. It is a mixture of two metals.


Elements are substances that are made from one type of atom. An element cannot be broken down into any other substance. There are 92 naturally occurring elements and everything in the universe is made from these basic building blocks.

  • Carbon, sulphur are elements


Compounds are substances made from atoms of different elements joined by chemical bonds. They can only be separated by a chemical reaction

  • Water (H2O), salt (sodium chloride, NaCl), methane (CH4) are compounds


A mixture is made by simply mixing together elements and compounds. No new chemical bonds are formed. Mixtures can be separated using techniques such as filtration, chromatography, evaporation, magnetisation, flotation and distillation.

  • Examples of Mixtures: soil, ocean water and other solutions.

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