Give an example of a unicellular organism.


Life on earth evolved from a single cell millions of years ago. Unicellular species are made up of only one cell. In a unicellular organism, all life processes, such as digestion, excretion, and respiration, take place within a single cell. Microorganisms are organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Bacteria, protozoa, algae are examples of unicellular species.

Characteristics of Unicellular Organisms

The characteristics of unicellular organisms are as follows:

  • The unicellular organisms usually reproduce by asexual means.
  • They can be eukaryotes or prokaryotes.
  • They are found in almost all habitats, from hot springs to frozen tundra.
  • They possess whip-like structures for movement.
  • The nutrients enter or leave the cell by the process of diffusion.

Unicellular Organisms Examples

The following are some examples of unicellular organisms:
Escherichia coli

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