Give an example of an unsaturated compound.

C4H8 is unsaturated compound.

Saturated compounds

  • Saturated compounds are organic compounds that have only carbon-carbon single bonds.
  • Saturated compounds have only single bonds between carbon atoms.
  • Saturated compounds have no pi bonds between carbon atoms.
  • The carbon atoms in saturated compounds are sp3 hybridized.
  • Saturated compounds have more hydrogen atoms per carbon.

Unsaturated compounds

  • Unsaturated compounds have at least one double bond or triple bond between two carbon atoms.
  • Unsaturated compounds have pi bonds between carbon atoms; one pi bonds in alkenes, two pi bonds in alkynes.
  • Unsaturated compounds are highly reactive.
  • Unsaturated compounds have less number of hydrogen atoms per carbon atom when compared to saturated compounds.
  • Unsaturated compounds undergo polymerization.

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