Give an illustration of a petty cash book under an imprest system.

Petty means little or small. In large business firms, all receipts are banked, and all payments are made by cheques. There are various little payments because of costs like writing material, coolie recruitment, refreshments to visitors, cartage, and so on, which can’t be paid through cheques.

In addition, the fundamental clerk or the cashier will be over-troubled on the off chance that he makes these little just as successive payments. To stay away from this bother, such things of consumption of successive events are eliminated to a different book, known as Petty Cash Book. Petty Cashier is an individual who keeps up with the Petty Cash Book. Petty Cash Books are kept up within a columnar structure.

In this book, separate segments are accommodated under the common head of consumption. A Petty Cashier makes a thorough examination of petty payments and records under reasonable or suitable heads, i.e., section or column. Petty Cash Books are like Cash Books.

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