Give five examples of natural change.


Natural changes are the effects that happen majorly because there is no control over living creatures due to natural factors. A few of the examples of changes in nature are.

  • Natural calamities – Natural calamities that are beyond anyone’s control may be another major instance of natural change.
  • Climate Change – While humans have a say in environmental quality, there is absolutely no influence over how the climate will respond.
  • Land Loss – This is just another example of natural transformation. There is zero control over land quality and it is tough to force the land back to the same state at once features disappear.
  • Volcanoes – Another source of natural changes is volcanoes. There are many volcanoes that are active and many that are idle. It completely depends on nature and human beings have no influence over it.
  • Hurricanes – An other example of natural changes is hurricanes. Not only do they bring a lot of destruction, also affect human life.

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