Give four examples of a human-made environment.


An ecosystem is characterized as a group of lifeforms that communicate with each other in components with non-living components. The ecosystem is the ecological structure and functional unit in which living organisms communicate with each other and with the surrounding environment. In other terms, the chain of contact among life forms is an ecosystem.

The functional unit of the environmental system is the ecosystem. The abiotic components provide the matrix for organic component synthesis. The exchange of energy includes this process. Air, wind, water, rocks, soil, temperature and sunlight are the non-living aspects in an ecosystem. These are recognized as an ecosystem’s abiotic factors.

Human-made environment

The word Human-Made Environment corresponds to the man-made environment that gives human needs with services. The human-made world gives people space for their everyday needs to survive, operate, develop and recreate their desires. The four examples of the human-made environment are

  • Buildings
  • Parks
  • Industries
  • Bridges

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